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Discover the international youth music competition that's all about the music

We’re happy to introduce: Imagine 2023! ✨

Register now, solo or in a band, and launch your musical career.

♬ Imagine is a two-day unique experience with a day of coaching and training from music industry experts on April 22. On April 23, it’s the Belgian finals at the VK Vaartkapoen in Brussels! There are several prizes to win: coaching, an invitation to perform during the Imagine France 2023 final in Paris (october/november 2023) performances on cool Belgian stages,...The winner will of course represent Belgium at the international final! 🎤 🎹🎺🎸

Start your adventure now and become one of our finalists!

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With Imagine Music Experience - JM International - Jeugd en Muziek Brussel - Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles - VK VaartKapoen - Court-Circuit and VI.BE 

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The Imagine Music Experience is a global music program by JM International for young musicians (solo & bands!) between the ages of 13 and 21, that currently takes place in 8 countries across 3 continents. At Imagine, musicians get to share their talent with the world, receive training from music industry experts and connect with young musicians from different genres and countries.

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How Imagine works


Registrations for Imagine Belgium are open until 19 march. The Belgian National Finals are set to take place on 23 april at VK (VaartKapoen) in Brussels, and the winners will have the amazing opportunity of participating in the Imagine International Finals together with musicians from 7 other countries including Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Zimbabwe. 

Imagine Belgium 2023

After a successful relaunch in 2021 - with Ventus winning both the national and international finals - and in 2022 with KUSEK as winner -  Imagine Belgium is coming up with a new edition in 22-23 of april 2023.

The aim remains unchanged: to offer young musical talent between the ages of 13 and 21 coaching and stage opportunities! The winner of the national final also gets to perform at the international final, together with finalists from Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Zimbabwe. An unforgettable experience, and a solid push towards a great musical career.

Feel like following in the footsteps of Ventus, Pia Salvia, Milo Meskens or Compact, Green Moon or Disk Dummies? Sign up on 19 march 2023 at the latest via!

Imagine 2021 winner Ventus:
“This Imagine experience was well… better than imagined! We learned so many things from so many different people. We took a close look at ourselves and were very inspired by the workshops with the coaches. It was one of the best experiences for us so far and on top of that we won! Not only have we won an extra taste of this life-changing lesson but we also won a lot of minds who think alike. We are right where we want to be at this moment.”


Ventus © Quentin DM

Discover the 8 finalists 2022!

Here they are, the 8 finalists of Imagine Belgium edition 2022: Glow, Linca, Fresh Boogie, Emilie Tirelli, Lizz, Jema, Arthur J. Labrique en Kusek!

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Ixelles, °2004, solo
Electro Pop

Gloria - Glow - is one of the youngest candidates. She’s from Brussels and sings and accompanies herself on the piano. Passionate about music all her life, she loves to write and produce her own songs. She describes her style as 'Electro pop'. Without any stage experience and on the advice of her music teacher, she signed up for Imagine. This was the push she needed to get her own songs out there. We are curious to see what this young talent has to offer!

Visual Instagram Finalists 20228.jpg
Visual Instagram Finalists 20229.jpg


Judoigne, °2004, duo

Video - Instagram - Facebook

The project around Kusek was born from the collaboration between Timour and Clément, two friends who were raised with music from an early age. With their sharp lyrics about the ups and downs of life and their rhythmic instrumentals, they try to be more original every time. They already released their own EP and produce everything themselves. A golden duo!

Visual Instagram Finalists 20223.jpg


Bruxelles, °2001, solo

Video - Instagram -

Linca is a Brussels-based rapper who values quality over quantity. For 7 years, he has been immersing himself in his favorite music style: rap. In 2019, he was winner of the SoundTrack final at the Ancienne Belgique. From open-mics in youth centers and Madame Moustache to the famous stages of VK Concerts and the Beursschouwburg, Linca is an established name in the Brussels rap scene.  

Visual Instagram Finalists 20227.jpg


Louvain-la-Neuve, °2000, solo

Video - Instagram - Facebook

Jema is a young French-Anglo-Belgian artist from Louvain-la-Neuve. In 2019, she launched her solo career and released her first song 'Asterism'. With her poppy songs and enchanting voice, she takes you all the way into her universe.

Visual Instagram Finalists 20226.jpg


Vilvoorde, °2002, solo
Singer Songwriter

Video - Instagram - Facebook

LIZZ is a Singer-Songwriter from Vilvoorde.. She started at the age of 14 with nothing but a dusty old guitar and having no idea that there was a musical intuition inside of her. At only 18 years old, she stood on stage in the Ancienne Belgique. Standing courageously strong in her simplicity, she brings her songs pure and honest.

Visual Instagram Finalists 20224 (1).jpg

Fresh Boogie

Watermaal-Bosvoorde, °2001, solo

Video - Instagram - Facebook

Fresh Boogie is a young rapper, born and raised in Brussels. His Congolese roots have a strong influence on his music and these themes are also reflected in his lyrics. He grew up listening to French and American rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Afro,... Thanks to this mix of influences he blows you away with his sharp lyrics and melodious flows.

Visual Instagram Finalists 20225.jpg

Emilie Tirelli

Nandrin, °2001, solo
Pop Rap

Video - Instagram - Facebook

Emilie Tirelli is a theater student and learned to sing through karaoke. She likes to make her own music with her voice and piano, but is also experimenting with apps to make her own instrumentals. In the future, she would like to grow and learn in order to be able to perform on big stages!

The winner of Imagine Belgium 2022

We are proud to present the winner of Imagine Belgium edition 2022!

Kusek will represent Belgium during the international Imagine final on Friday 30 September 2022 in the Bozar and will compete against the winners from Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Zimbabwe!


Kusek (Jodoigne)

Facebook - Instagram - Spotify

The project around Kusek was born from the collaboration between Timour and Clément, two friends who were raised with music from an early age. With their sharp lyrics about the ups and downs of life and their rhythmic instrumentals, they try to be more original every time. They already released their own EP and produce everything themselves. A golden duo!

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