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Get ready for Imagine Belgium 2024!

Meet the finalists of Imagine Belgium 2024!

We're thrilled to introduce ZIMA duo , The Owls and Orcas, Pear Tree Band, Gloomy, Flxwride (Alt Ered), Jos, Mondo Trio and Mellecrack Band.

Big congratulations to these young talents! They're in for a day of inspiring workshops and coaching on Saturday, April 20, followed by a live performance at Flagey in front of a professional jury on Sunday, April 21.

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Stay tuned for more updates about the finalists!

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Meet Zima, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

ZIMA, a dynamic duo comprising Janne (18) and Dolores (20), found each other at the Kunsthumaniora Brussels. Their fusion of bugle, piano, vocals, flute, percussion, dance, and spoken word creates a unique acoustic, lyrical, and captivating sound. Rooted in jazz, their music explores unexpected elements from diverse genres. ZIMA's concerts create an inviting atmosphere, celebrating individuality and encouraging audiences to embrace their true selves. 🌠 Listen here.



Meet The Owls and Orcas, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

They are true children of their era, defying categorization with a seamless blend of robust rock, groovy guitar-pop, and delicate ballads, all within a single track. Their music embodies "everything everywhere all at once" yet maintains a distinctive sound. 

In the past year, The Owls and Orcas have graced stages over twenty times in Belgium and the Netherlands. Their live performances showcase not only their musical prowess but also their innate ability as performers. 🎸 Listen here.


Meet Jos, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

As Jos, a solo artist, navigates the labyrinth of his own emotions and creativity, he remains committed to the essence of honest and raw music. ✨ His creations are reflections of his thoughts, dreams and struggles, all harmoniously intertwined in a way that resonates deeply with his soul. This dedication has led him to pursue songwriting studies at Pxl-music for the past two years. 🎤 Listen to his music here.


Meet Pear Tree, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

Pear Tree, a Leuven-based indie-pop band, blends jazz, bossa nova, soul, and psychedelia into dreamy, poetic melodies reminiscent of sunsets and late-night strolls. Inspired by icons like João Gilberto and modern acts like The Marías, Pear Tree aims to evoke emotions through their music. Founded as a duo by Joanne (vocals/guitar) and Kai (keys), the band expanded with the addition of Cédric (drums) and Imte (bass). 🌅🎶 Listen here.

Meet Gloomy, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

Gloomy, a 21-year-old artist from Brussels, merges cloud rap and electro seamlessly. With performances at notable venues like La Ferme du Biéreau, his captivating sound delves into the intersection of emotion and music. 🔥🎶 Check it here.

FLXWRIDE (1).png

Meet Flxwride, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

FLXWRIDE is 21 years old and has been making music in his bedroom since he was young. He has had a guitar in his hands since he was 5 years old and has been influenced by underground hip hop and metal. 🤘He takes inspiration from other artists like Lil Peep and Ghostemane. FLXWRIDE handles everything himself: producing, writing, mixing and mastering. He defines himself as an artist with multiple facets, transitioning from one to another, from instrumental to vocal delivery. Be prepared to be amazed… FLXWRIDE! 🔥 Check him here.

Meet Mondo Trio, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

Mondo is an instrumental jazzrock trio founded by Robin Vantomme, Bram Vanden Berghe and Stanny Rijckaert. They found each other musically at the Ghent Conservatory. They strive for a unique sound by playing unconventional grooves, solid bass lines and using effect pedals, synthesizers and whatnot... Expect some heavy riffs, combined with improvisation and jazzy melodies. 🎸🎶 Listen here.🎶


Meet Mellecrack, Imagine Belgium 2024 finalist 💜

Mellecrack is a four-piece band founded in September 2022 by students of the Kunsthumaniora Brussels. The band members have a classical and jazz background but showcase their rawer and opposite side with this group. On stage, they fully immerse themselves with both captivating psychedelic rock and exhilarating tracks. 🔥🎶 Listen here.🎶

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