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The winner of Imagine Sweden 2022

We are proud to present the winner of Imagine Sweden edition 2022!

Hampus & Ragna will represent Sweden during the international Imagine final on Friday 30 September 2022 in the Bozar and will compete against the winners from Brazil, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, France and Zimbabwe!


Hampus & Ragna 



Hampus and Ragna is a duo consisting of pianist and singer Hampus Ljunggren and hornist and singer Ragna Norrlund. They play music which is difficult to determine the genre of, but which is influenced by pop as well as jazz and classical music. As both members of the duo liked the way they sounded together, they decided to start writing songs together and participate in the music competition Imagine, and it turned out to be a winning concept in the sense that they won the regional final in Uppland, and later the national final of Imagine Sweden. For Hampus and Ragna, the most important thing about music is to have fun when playing, and to develop as much as possible as a duo and as individual musicians.

How Imagine works


Image starts with a series of preselections, either digital or live. Young musicians enter their music projects online and we select the most promising to participate. Typically 10 groups will be selected to participate in either Regional or National Finals, where one  winning artist is selected from each country to participate in the Imagine International Final. Each Imagine event offers workshops and training to help young musicians take their career to the next level, connecting with other young artists, building friendships and having a good time. 

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