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The three days dedicated to the incredible musical experience held at Maastricht, the Netherlands, are now over. Everyone at home is sitting at the edge of their seat, waiting for the much-awaited winners to be revealed.

These past days were not about bands competing against each other, but about groups of youngsters getting together to enjoy music and life, to learn, to become better versions of themselves on and off stage. The 8th edition of the Imagine Experience was about reinforcing a great community, which represents the voice of the young generation.

After having been selected from over 1000 musicians worldwide and coming from eight different countries, Bricked Out (The Netherlands), Fire Wheel (France), Bordeaux Band (Croatia), Entalpia (Brazil), Syndrom (Poland), Arata (Norway), Diatryma (Sweden) and Wenyombwe Band (Zimbabwe) took the stage.

Apart from singing, the bands participated in educational workshops, which offered them a better insight into the music industry and helped them develop and potentiate their skills. We remember Producer Ingemar van Wijnsberge’s workshop entitled Indie or Label and Band Communications by Bas Reeders. We didn’t forget, of course, of the impressive music workshop held by no other than Italian artist Roy Paci.

Imagine Experience was a feast for the ears and a playground of growth, with youngsters not only showcasing their musical talents but also growing and learning together. Drum roll, please! It’s time to take a peek at the podium of Imagine Experience 2019!

Public Prize & 3rd Place: Entalpia (Brasil)

The 2019 edition of Imagine Experience permitted the audience to become the jury. The public winner was decided through the votes given on Social Media channels like Facebook or Instagram by using the band’s hashtag. Entalpia won their hearts and also a third place on the podium.

Formed in São Paulo, in 2015, the Brazilian band Entalpia is a blend of styles, defined as alternative rock with hints of blues, soul, funk and jazz. The group is composed by guitarist Gabriel Oliveira, drummer Ícaro Duarte, bassist Leo Sales, vocalist Mainara Thaís and pianist and effects manager Rafael Oliveira.

Entalpia is a complete act, representing more than a musical representation. The band’s most exciting component is represented by energetic and theatrical performances that make the show a unique experience.

YoFest Prize: Bricked Out (The Netherlands)

This alternative indie-pop band from Amersfoort knows how to capture the audience when on stage. The five young musicians bring spacy synth sounds and melodic guitar riffs to provide a dreamy atmosphere on a solid rhythmic basis. This offers a nice counterbalance to striking guitar solos and the energetic stage presence of the frontwoman.

The young musicians’ act is defined by innovation, with their aim to remain interesting both for the ear and the eye, always fresh and always in motion.

2nd Place: Arata (Norway)

A powerful duo takes the 2nd place of 2019’s Imagine Experience. Norway’s Arata is an ingenious collaboration between a drummer and a bass player.

The rock band is composed of Nikolai Lysnes (drums) and Øyvind Lunde (bass) and their on-stage dialogue charms every listener in the audience.

1st Place: Wenwombye (Zimbabwe)

Having played together for six years, their passion for music and personal approach is what brought Wenwombye from Zimbabwe the big prize.

When asked about their winning the Imagine Experience 2019, the band came back with an innocent, honest and heart-warming reply:” We didn’t expect to win but we made it, what an amazing experience! We know we now have to study more to improve individually. And will do so through the music Crossroads Academy.”

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