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Discover the finalists for The Imagine Music Experience: International Final 2021!

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This 20-year old rapper has been writing music since he was 10. Adiz is most alive on stage when he can feel the energy of the audience. Mixing metaphors and self-ironic lyrics, Adiz writes reflections of his own life and experiences that let his fans know they are not alone in their struggles and triumphs. His hit song "Den Andre Gutten" (The Other Boy) is about the feeling of not being included by fellow students in a school day and the bullying that followed.

Besides the lexical meaning of the word “ARA” which is a talkative and colourful bird, Tristan Barège adds another sense to it: the author, composer, and interpreter of French electro-pop. He has been realising his musical projects himself which makes him the singer, the sound engineer, and the visual designer of his creations. The young musician was influenced by artists such as Fauve, Odezenne, and Daft Punk, while he wrote his song “Le petit prince à la cigarette” under the impression of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 

This indie/alternative music band from Maastricht has been known as Curve when they won the competition in the Netherlands. In 2017, the band members Sasha Kurensky (lead vocals, bass guitar) Djamal Tehubijuluw (lead guitar, vocals), Dylan Dosne (drums, vocals), and Eline Pechler (guitar, vocals) got together to cover the songs by well-known artists and bands like Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys. With the idea of translating emotions to music “in a way that words cannot”, they started to write their songs. 

Duo Ouribá consists of two flutists: Gabriela Gaspar Mauricio and Karina Alves Américo, former students of Projeto Guri de Bauru and Conservatório Musical de Tatuí respectively. The duo decided to call themselves “Ouribá” as a reference to the word “gold”, derived from the word “aurum” in Latin, back in 2017. More specially, “Ouribá” is also a portmanteau word that blends two important municipalities of São Paulo: Ourinhos and Bauru. The duo also won the Chamber Music Contest of the 56th Villa-Lobos Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

Nhangamabwe is a Zimbabwean afro-fusion band which comprises six youthful members. The band was formed in January 2020 by a zealous team of students enrolled for the certificate in professional music at the Music Crossroads Academy. The name of the band is derived from the famous ancient ruins of Masvingo city, originally called Dzimbadzemabwe (houses of stone). The band is well known for their engaging stage display and their repertoire and in depth lyrics always take the audience on an insightful tour of Africa.

For as long as he can remember, music has been his best friend. It has helped him so much with all his experiences, which is why he decided to do something for music. Studying music in different schools, Peter is first and foremost a self-learner, especially in music production. He has been writing songs since he was 13. Imagine is his first big adventure, and this young musician received very positive jury feedback after winning the Imagine Sweden National Final.

Michał Tarnowski, Szymon Bruski, Szymon Szymański and Wiktor Czapiewski are coming from Gdańsk to rock the world!  When they compose or perform their pieces, they put their hearts and souls into every little piece of music, from groovy hard rock songs, through some experimental concepts, to their long emotional ballads. Music is what they love, what they create out of pure passion and emotion, and their purpose is to share with the world in the best way they can.

This young and energetic band from Gent started as a duo between Emma Demoor and Gonzalo Temmermans, but recently were joined by drummer Rune De Groote and guitarist Tijl Coorevits, creating the Ventus sound. The band, all students at MUDA, composes catchy pop songs, focusing meticulously on their lyrics and message. Ventus’ influences include artists such as Aurora, Trixie Whitley, Agnes Obel, and Oh Wonder. They create dreamy Indie pop aimed at touching the souls of their audience!

“We are the band whose members have no other future than music!” The band was formed in 2016 by Jostein, James, Diego, Peter, and Jonatan to play Alternative Rock with a strong touch on mental health. Even though they were first playing during the breaks at school as inexperienced pupils, their ambition to play together went on after school. They are able to express their most intense feelings such as chaos, beauty, and passion through their music. They follow the idea of mutual respect within themselves and other people.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Nego Bala is the singer, producer, and screenwriter of his songs. His musical work was created out a production that puts together Brazilian Funk Roots and a variety of beats of world music. One of his biggest influencers has always been his grandfather. Through the Funk rhymes he made art out of an act of a survival fight: "A community needs to appropriate of other realities that they are also part of".

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