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Hampus and Ragna is a duo consisting of pianist and singer Hampus Ljunggren and hornist and singer Ragna Norrlund. They play music which is difficult to determine the genre of, but which is influenced by pop as well as jazz and classical music. For Hampus and Ragna, the most important thing about music is to have fun when playing, and to develop as much as possible as a duo and as individual musicians.

Wheobe is a made-up word created and chose by Swann (lead vocals), Ivanoé (guitar), Matthias (bass guitar) and Matthieu (drums) to name their band. Their music delivers an impressive mixture, somewhere between 70's psych rock, a fresh indie rock and a catchy alt rock vibes. Oscillating between Radiohead and Black Midi, the combo proves to be a winner both by its ardor and its bewitching live.

Welcome to our energy of hard rock and madness! The 4 young hard rockers of Breakout are bursting with energy. With their own written songs, inspired by Blues Pills and The Pretty Reckless, they love to rock out on many stages! Although all four of them are still busy with school, they rehearse every week and work hard to bring their rocking tunes to you.

Marco Antônio Men Batista Barbosa is 17 years old and was born in the city of São Paulo. Musician and composer, he was raised in a musical family, and since childhood he has been in contact with several instruments. He has a very eclectic genre, playing from Forró to Jazz, among others. Has been showing an increasing interest in the music segment and music production, working as a collaborator in the production company Mceys PRO. He plays guitar, drums, percussion, and is currently studying the 2nd year of Accordion with Professor Toninho Ferragutti, and the 1st year of Piano with Professor Celinha Carmona, at Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo - EMESP Tom Jobim, former ULM.

Vazukuru veAfrica, an all-boys band was formed in Harare in late April 2022. The band with an average age of 20 years consists of four members, 17 year old Blessing “Stixbee” Zizhou (lead vocals, drums), Allan “Lanny” Banda (20) (backing vocals, lead guitar), 21 year old Nkosilathi Masalethulini (backing vocals, bass guitar) and Panashe Chikwanha (20) on the keyboard. Their message mainly resonates on promoting general social norms and values within the African context through music. The name, “Vazukuru veAfrica” was inspired by such custodianship of African issues and the best manner these youngsters saw fit, a cool, afro-fusion genre to relay the sound we are all accustomed to.

The project around Kusek was born from the collaboration between Timour and Clément, two friends who were raised with music from an early age. With their sharp lyrics about the ups and downs of life and their rhythmic instrumentals, they try to be more original every time. They already released their own EP and produce everything themselves. A golden duo!