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The winner of Imagine Netherlands 2024

We are proud to present the winner of Imagine Netherlands edition 2024!

Grote Geelstaart will represent the Netherlands during the international Imagine final in December 2024 in the Botanique and will compete against the winners from Finland, Belgium, France, Norway, Hungary, North-Macedonia, Sweden and Zimbabwe!

Persfoto Grote Geelstaart 1.JPG

Grote Geelstaart (Zeeland)



The Grote Geelstaart (great yellowtail) is a psychedelic noise-rock band from Zeeland. Their sound is as fresh as the fish they're named after and their music is never the same: from screaming post-punk to heavy force on the guitar- and drums to brute noise-rock. These men will continue to surprise the public in every which way their songs can take them. Dressed in white dress shirts and ties, they'll rapidly bring on an enormous amount of musical anarchy.

How Imagine works


Image starts with a series of preselections, either digital or live. Young musicians enter their music projects online and we select the most promising to participate. Typically 10 groups will be selected to participate in either Regional or National Finals, where one  winning artist is selected from each country to participate in the Imagine International Final. Each Imagine event offers workshops and training to help young musicians take their career to the next level, connecting with other young artists, building friendships and having a good time. 

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