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The Next Generation of Original Music

Discover the international competition that's all about the music

Take a look at the Imagine France 2023 event!

Imagine France aim to connect young amateur groups and offer them valuable training and recording opportunities. The highlight is the national finale in Paris, where ten groups, chosen by JM France associations, perform under professional conditions and participate in workshops covering various topics. A standout group advances to the international finale, while two others showcase their talent at national finals in Sweden and Belgium. Registration for all regions closes on June 28, 2024, providing aspiring musicians ample opportunity to participate.

The winner of Imagine France 2023

We are proud to present the winner of Imagine France edition 2023!

Wheobe will represent France during the international Imagine final on 16th December 2023 in Brussels will compete against the winners from the other countries.

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-15 124852.png

Jade Lamy

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Jade Lamy is a multifaceted artist known for her prowess as an Auteur Compositeur Interprète. Rising to prominence through her participation in "The Voice Belgique 10," she captivated audiences with her distinctive voice and remarkable musical talent. Jade Lamy's journey in the music industry was marked by her unique style and emotive performances, earning her recognition as a promising talent.

Discover the 6 finalists!

Here they are, the 6 finalists of Imagine France edition 2023: Eli F. Baptist, EUTERPE, Eva Luna,

Jade Lamy, MUSA, Toxicity


How Imagine works


Imagine starts with a series of preselections, either digital or live. Young musicians enter their music projects online and we select the most promising to participate. Typically 10 groups will be selected to participate in either Regional or National Finals, where one  winning artist is selected from each country to participate in the Imagine International Final. Each Imagine event offers workshops and training to help young musicians take their career to the next level, connecting with other young artists, building friendships and having a good time. 

Imagine News

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